Get Dance company

GET Dance is a dance company that seeks to explore different rhythms and cultures of the world and share them with the community through classes, experiences and shows, which lead us to live and enjoy this diversity of rhythms and movements among friends, laughter and fun.

Dance Classes

Private and group lessons


Colombia is a tropical country that excels for its cultural diversity, with Indigenous, African and Spanish influences in most of its folklore.


In GET Dance India we enjoy the colorful sounds of this country with Bollywood and Bhangra.


In GET Dance Kids, we have as a goal to provide multicultural dance education to kids


In this class you will find the flavor of different Latin dances such as: salsa, bachata, chachacha, mambo, boogaloo, salsa choque, among other Latin rhythms.


Let’s move, enjoy and learn in our Brazilian Dance: samba no pé, Toadas, Twingueira, Pagode, Axé, among others.

Middle East

learn about the dances and cultures of the Middle East.

Daily activities

Designed to help others the dream of dance