We accompany your events

Cultural events

In Get dance we promote the dances and cultures of the world, through shows and workshops. We offer dances from India, Brazil, Colombia and the Middle East, and a variety of popular Latin Dances for cultural events.

Social events

We make your social events an unforgettable experience with our party entertainment
services to integrate the audience; Hora Loca inspired by carnivals from Barranquilla and Rio do Janeiro, short dance classes to integrate the guests and shows in small formats.

Corporate events

We accompany corporate events with an artistic and cultural addition that will make your event original and unforgettable.

Educational events

We bring art and culture to educational spaces where we teach through workshops and
shows the historical, geographical and sociocultural aspects of dances from different
regions of the world.

Governmental events

We accompany government events bringing a bit of the essence of the communities that contribute to the diversity of the DMV Area and beyond.

Artistic ambience

We provide ambiance for spaces such as nightclubs and restaurants to give a differentiating and exclusive factor to the experience of your audience and customers

Meet Spring, a happy fairy that decides to travel around the year to learn how people enjoy the different seasons around the world. Spring, with the help of GET Dance Kids will discover diverse ways to celebrate the seasonal changes.
An interactive show that helps kids and adults to experience dance and culture from different weathers and territories of the planet.
(Dances from India, Egypt, United States and Colombia)

A reflection of Carolina Hernandez’s learnings about multicultural dance throughout her 16+ years of career.
This show performed by GET Dance Company and actors from the DMV area, showcases dances from India, Turkey, Egypt, Brazil, Cuba and Colombia.
Script by Melissa Strova Valencia

For Bhangra and Bollywood lovers! A performance of old and new Indian hits.

Urban, folkloric, popular and traditional dances from the MENAT region

Samba No Pe, Toadas from Amazonas, Swingueira and Axé! Enjoy the cultural richness and diversity of Brazil in one place

Urban, Folkloric and Traditional dances from Pacific, Caribbean and Andean regions of

– Folkloric and urban dances from different regions of Colombia (20 minutes)
– Halloween show: a showcase full of storytelling based on popular halloween kids
movies (15 minutes)
– Christmas show: Let’s enjoy this beautiful celebration with popular Christmas songs
in English and Spanish (10 minutes)

A soloist showcase of Latin dances like Salsa, Bachata, Chachachá and Reggaeton (10