Colombia is a tropical country that excels for its cultural diversity, with Indigenous, African and Spanish influences in most of its folklore.
If you want to know the magic and flavor of Colombian dances and get closer to the culture, sign up for our Colombia course.
In this class you will find Colombian folklore from the Caribbean, Pacific and Andean regions, such as: cumbia, pulla, pasillo, bambuco, currulao, champeta, among others.

2023 FEES

Enrollment fee: $50
Regular students monthly fee: $80
Company members monthly fee: $45
– 2 styles:
Regular Students: $150
Company members: : $80
– 3 Styles:
Regular Students: $210
Company members: $105


The monthly payments are due on the 15th of every month. (Example: for March, the
payment is due on February 15th) Payment can be done via PayPal, Zelle, CashApp,
Venmo, or Cash


The cost of each costume changes depending on the type of costume and it can be between
a range of $100 and $300. Get Dance Company acquires only one costume per year per